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Video Production

Graham’s Video Productions has been in business for 25 years. The company was started in 1990 and is now run by Graham’s wife Aileen. Wedding films have changed a lot over the years, the picture quality has greatly improved and the many software-editing packages available, means that wedding couples are getting a really professional record of their big day.

We are asked on many occasions what is the difference between a wedding film and wedding photographs, they both record the day but that’s about the only similarities.

The photographs are a collection of still images and they look fantastic in one of our quality wedding albums. However the wedding film is a collection of your emotions, how you look and how you interact with one another during the day. When you come back from your Honeymoon it’s great to ” re-live ” the wedding day all over again.

Remember on the big day if you don’t have a film, the Bride and Groom won’t see each other arriving, the Bride won’t see any of her guests arriving and the Brides parents won’t see any of the guests arriving either. So there are big parts of the day that some of the main Bridal party will miss.

In 25 years, I have met many couples who were unsure about having a film, I have recommended that they do. In all this time we have never had one couple come back to say this wasn’t good advice. So make sure you have your big day recorded, we offer some great Photography & Video packages to suit all budgets.