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A Funky Muffin

The proprietor of a small business run from home and based in Larbert, Scotland. I am a stay at home mum and after many years of baking and making for friends and family A Funky Muffin was born in September 2013. Baking was lots of fun and a great way to entertain my kids when they were young, nowadays they are my best critics and happy tasters!

Homemade cake is something that unfortunately a lot of people are being deprived of. Supermarket cake and homemade cake are two completely different ball games, along with all the preservatives, additives and sometimes E-numbers that come with supermarket cake they generally tend to taste of nothing. But what do you expect from something made by a machine with a sell by date of over a month away?

So what is A Funky Muffin? Well they are homemade, freshly baked to order cake creations in a jar. Our ingredients, where we can are sourced from local producers and bought in fresh. We combine your favourite flavour and favourite sweet topped with divine icing to make you feel content and completely satisfied.

Why in a jar? There are different sizes of jars for you to chose but each one is a neat and easy way of storing, they travel very well making them easy to take anywhere with you unlike regular cupcakes/muffins. They will impress your dinner guests, will make great gifts for friends and family, make perfect wedding favours, birthday favours, baby showers and delightful for corporate events. All the little creations come complimented with ribbon and a spoon just ready for you to eat. Personalised labeling and decoration of the outside of the jar can make it even more individual and can be done on request.

In a world where recycling has become a necessity the jars can be re used or recycled making A Funky Muffin environmentally friendly.

These little creations are such a clever idea and we hope we can make you comfortable with the idea. They will keep longer than a regular cupcake/muffin, they will retain their flavour and there’s no waste, re sealing if you just can’t eat all at once and keeping for the next day !

Our journey so far has been both interesting and exciting. Meeting lots of lovely people, giving us lots of ideas for our little creations. We hope you will pop in one day soon and we can do the same for you!