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The Scottish Wedding Suppliers | Tips, help and advice from Graham Mackay Photography
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Tips, help and advice from Graham Mackay Photography

16 Feb Tips, help and advice from Graham Mackay Photography

When we are out and about at Wedding Shows across the Central belt of Scotland from Falkirk, Grangemouth, Stirling to Glasgow City centre we speak to many brides and we get asked how long do the photographs take, my answer usually is

” How many photographs do you want ? ”  This leads us onto to discussing their day in more detail.


With over 24 years experience in the wedding business I think we are in a good position to comment on how best to enjoy your day, it can be stressful but here are my tops tips on how to ensure you make the most of your special day.


  1. Plan! Plan! Plan!  We are fortunate to be recommended by Gleneagles Hotel for

our Glasgow Wedding Photography.  Whenever we are at Gleneagles we are

always given a schedule on the timings for the day. This goes into great detail but

what it demonstrates is that if you draw up your own mini schedule and do your

best to work to this, then your day will not be as stressful as it could have been.

2. What should the schedule include? On the lead up to the wedding sit down and

plan out your day. If you are up early and going to the Hair salon or you have a

stylist coming to the house then make your appointment 30 minutes earlier than

you need it to be. Try and think through all the bits and pieces that you will need

and where you will leave them so that on the big day you know where everything

Add notes to your schedule so that when your head is back to front on the

big day you will know where everything is. Another good idea is to book your cars

to come 10 minutes earlier, when they arrive at the venue this allows us a few extra

minutes to take some photographs before you walk down the aisle, on time!


  1. What else can I do? You and your fiancé with both families will have been

planning and looking forward to this day for months if not years so you want to try

and get the most from the day. I remember a few years back a Bride told me that on

the day of the wedding she was going to take 10 minutes and find a quiet room. She

wanted to relax and think of the happy times in her life, she had dreams of her

wedding day and wanted to have some special time to relive those happy times.

I thought this is a good idea, combine this with planning to be ready 30 minutes

before you need to will allow you to feel relaxed and that you are in control of the

day and that time is not chasing you.


  1. How will all this help? Being organised and in control will allow you some

special time with your family and especially your dad just before you leave for the

ceremony. We will help you plan with the timings for your photographs from the

moment we meet until we hand you over to the Hotel for the evening reception.

Being composed will make a big difference to your photographs. A happy, relaxed

Bride will always feel better in front of the camera that one that is stressed out and

not enjoying the day to the full.


  1. An important Part of the day and not to be missed!  One last very important

point is having time with your family and friends after the photographs and before


dinner. Over the years at weddings where we are only filming the day we have came

across many photographers that just want to take as many photographs as possible.

They have no regard for the timings of the day and do not think about the reception

dancing starting an hour late because of them. They will then hand you over to the

hotel and you will only have 5 minutes to go to the toilet before you are either in a

receiving line or at dinner, or even worse, for the guys delivering a speech

( don’t worry guys, read on I have something for you! ).


If this happens you will both have missed out on a very important part of the day,

mingling and mixing with your family and friends. I call it minglemix and some

couples never see this which is a shame. During our planning I would build in at least

30 minutes for you to enjoy this time. This may actually mean the ceremony is a little

earlier than planned but I can guarantee that you will enjoy your minglemix time.

You will  have dinner on time and be finished in time to greet your evening guests.

Your dancing will also start to as near to the planned time as possible allowing you to

enjoy the evening to the full.


  1. For the Guys. On our website at

there is a digital joke book. It’s a free download, we have produced this book for the

groom, best man and father of the bride. We have some original material taken from

the best wedding jokes over the last 23 years!


Finally, we are here to help with any aspect of your wedding. The experience and advice we can offer after 24 years in the wedding business is free and we are happy to pass this on without any obligation. Please give us a call on 01236-730770 to arrange an informal appointment when we can hear all about your wedding plans.

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