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The Scottish Wedding Suppliers | A testimonial for Bruce Wedding Cars
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A testimonial for Bruce Wedding Cars

03 Feb A testimonial for Bruce Wedding Cars

All guys are different, some like to get involved with all the wedding arrangements and other’s (like mine) are happy to leave everything to my mum, well not quite everything and me!

I was aware that Tim was only half listening to me ramble on about what colour the flowers should be or if we should have lanterns or jam jars holding the tea lights. His speciality is playing Grand Theft Auto and watching the football at the same time.

However one task I unintentionally managed to get his full attention on was what wedding cars we should hire for the big day. Tim is a huge car enthusiast so when I mentioned it was time to book the wedding cars he was suddenly very enthusiastic and googling sites for wedding Porsche and Bentley hire. I immediately regretted saying a word…

As we’re getting married in a church and holding our reception in a local hotel, I wanted to arrive at the church in style. I had heard of horror stories of Brides, not wishing to spend much on cars, arriving at the church in a local mini cab smelling of stale smoke with chewing gum on their dress from the seat. This wasn’t going to happen to me!

At work we’d used a taxi car service called Bruce from Falkirk. Their service was excellent and their staff were very friendly and efficient.
I had heard they also had a Wedding Limousine company and were also part of The Scottish Wedding Suppliers so I contacted them and arranged to pop over and see them.

The range sounded ideal for a wedding service with cars on offer including Bentley Continental Flying Spur, Mercedes S Class, Jaguar XF and Range Rover Sport in elegant silver at very competitive rates.

Tim and I met both Laura and Emma and immediately fell very comfortable with them. They showed us their fleet of pristine cars and we ended up with the beautiful Bentley Continental for Dad and me and Tim opted for the lovely Range Rover Sport for him and the guys.

It all sounded perfect for my 30 minutes journey to the church and luxurious enough to keep Tim happy. This has probably been the simplest part of my wedding organisation so far. I would thoroughly recommend Bruce Wedding cars, this family run business is very professional but still offers a lovely personal service.

I can also arrange our cars to be dressed in wedding ribbons to match our colour scheme so it won’t feel like I’m just using a normal car on a normal day. Because let’s be honest – this will be anything but…

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