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The Scottish Wedding Suppliers | Helpful questions to ask about your Wedding Marquee?
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Helpful questions to ask about your Wedding Marquee?

26 Jan Helpful questions to ask about your Wedding Marquee?

Always remember that the marquee company you are speaking to should fully understand that this is something you most likely have never done before. If you don’t get that feeling of understanding, you should probably run a mile and try another company. Because here lies the most crucial thing you need from a marquee company……understanding of your point of view, and not theirs!

To help de-mystify the process, it is helpful to ask the right questions from the start, but to ask the right things, you really need to have a good handle on the following.

How many guests do you expect (both for the meal and then any additional evening guests)?

Do you have a venue already and if yes, where!

How long do you have the venue for to allow the marquee company to both build and dismantle everything?

Does your caterer need their own marquee space?

What kind of dancing are you likely to have? It’s not that obvious, but if you are big on Ceilidh dancing then you will need a larger dance floor and therefore a larger marquee.

Do you have access to power for the marquee? If not, the cost of a generator would need to be factored in to the overall budget. The same would go for toilets. Both of these items can be pretty expensive, so give it some thought.

Does your entertainment (band, DJ etc) require any special power requirements?

What kind of chairs are you thinking of?

What kind of internal dressing do you envisage?

With regards to lighting, are you looking for a particular look or feel? This is a very common thing that most wedding couples miss with regards to the wow factor. It can be pretty inexpensive to get a luxury feel with some simple lighting. A good marquee company should go through a few options on this subject and try to ascertain the client’s views on this. But honestly, don’t miss the opportunity to impress your guests to the limit.

Do you need a member of the marquee company to be at the wedding from a technical point of view?

This is not a requirement but for your peace of mind on the day, you should be offered this option. There are many different things to think about on the day like, when do I put the mood lighting on, how can I let the band in to set up, how do I set up extra tables for my evening guests etc etc. All important things but they really should be dealt with someone else other than you, the most important people on the day.

Asking key questions is the most important thing to allow you to get the Marquee you have dreamt of and not the marquee the company wants to give you.

In my many years of experience in Wedding Marquees, it is always better to have a laid back attitude in the early meetings with clients. We always understand that this should be one of the most important days of your life, but if you approach it with a stern non flexible attitude, then you may be in for a rough ride. A marquee company and their staff should add to your occasion and be part of the memories of your wedding day. You may not know it at the time though!





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