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The Scottish Wedding Suppliers | A Funky Journey
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A Funky Journey

02 Feb A Funky Journey

It was my kids names that were the imspiration behind the company name ! My youngest son couldnt pronounce my daughter Mias name and always called her MU … the wee mans name is Fyn so put them together and what do you have ? A Muffin of course … make sense ?

Like all stay at home mums. were all looking for ways to entertain our kids and a popular afternoons entertainments in our house was to get the sleeves rolled up, and bake … the best bit was always the eating our delights, of course.
A few years ago i had spent time in the United States and i fell in love with the transporting of snacks, lunches and meals in jars. such a unique ideea that i had never seen here in the UK. My favourite had to be the cakes baked in the jar. Baked in the jar ? yeah families would make the family faourite pie, cake etc for their loved ones serving abroad, ship them out to whereever and as you can imagine …. it was a little bit of home making them smile.
it was with these fond memories of the United States that i decided to start my journey and get where we are today. Mess is a big NO NO in my book so any way to avoid it is a bonus. Recycling is a favourite of mine as well. A Funky Muffin was half way there.
We bake our muffins\cupcakes in the jar …. theres no more getting your cake squashed, no more taking big unladylike bites and getting covered in crumbs, theres no reason to throw a perfectly good cake away just because you dont have the room to finish it ! No ? No because with A Funky Muffin your delight is all contained in the jar waiting to be eaten in delicate spoonfuls,( or at least when your being watched!),crumbs falling back into the jar so your not making a mess, and if you dont have the room to finish it just close the lid and keep for another time … result. Oh and a bigger bonus our Funky Muffins have a greater shelf life than your average muffins. Its true .. if you dont believe it try it.Then at the end of your wonderdul mouthwatering journey, you even have a jarand a spoon to use for whatever, and thats another blog.
So what makes it Funky? I hear you ask… simple, you do. Your favourite sweetie or delight is incorporated into our creations making each little jar individual and tailored with only you in mind. Just how we like it.

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